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New Crime Column, With Plea For Assistance

Starting this weekend, my monthly-ish crime column, Crime Wave, will appear in The National Post’s print and online editions. I’ve contributed a lot to the Post’s books section in the past year and when Mark Medley approached late last year asking if I might be interested in rounding up Canadian crime titles on a regular basis, I think I said yes before I finished reading his entire email. So for column one, I look at Ian Hamilton’s THE WILD BEASTS OF WUHAN, David Russell’s LAST DANCE, and Debra Purdy Kong’s DEADLY ACCUSATIONS, which will be published in early March.

The “ish”, by the way, is largely because of scheduling (there will be eight more columns in 2012) but also because the pool of Canadian crime fiction is naturally smaller than that of their neighbors to the South, and made smaller because, being based in New York, I’m not as cognizant of a lot of good genre titles being published by the smallest of presses. So please spread this post far and wide to Canadian publishers (or those based elsewhere who publish Canadian crime writers) so that I don’t miss out on underrated gems. The Peter Robinsons, Louise Pennys, Gail Bowens, and Alan Bradleys of the world are all great (and all have books out this year, too) but if that’s all Crime Wave was about I’d be doing a disservice to the genre.

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