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Cynthia Ozick FTMFW. I’ve linked to a different version of this clip from the 1979 documentary film TOWN BLOODY HALL, which captured Norman Mailer’s infamous, legendary, fiery, and riveting battle of wit and words on April 30, 1971 with a panel of notable feminists including Germaine Greer, Jacqueline Ceballos, and Jill Johnson (Diana Trilling was on the panel, too, but I’m not entirely certain she was entirely feminist-y, at least compared to the other three women). But that clip’s no longer on YouTube. Luckily, someone else immortalized the then-43-year-old Ozick’s statement and question for Mailer, which justifiably brought the house down. It is, as I said on Twitter earlier today, sweetly badass. And did I mention Ozick is one of America’s living literary legends who somehow never gets discussed in the same conversations as those other still-living male lions? Oh yeah, let me mention that again. Ozick FTMFW.

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