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So I Have a New Job, And Other Personal Matters

As of today, I am the News Editor for Publishers Marketplace and Publishers Lunch. The announcement is here, but for those who don’t want to go behind the paywall (though, and yes, tooting the horn, but the $20/month investment is a bargain) my tongue-in-cheek bio reads: “Sarah was a reporter for DailyFinance, covering the publishing industry (where she will remain as an occasional contributor.) As a freelance journalist, her work has also appeared in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, The Daily Beast, Maclean’s, and the National Post. She is also hoping this new position will cut down on the time spent on social media (at and”

So, to answer some questions: the new gig will build on work I’ve contributed to PM/PL since March 2008, including compiling the daily Lunch and Lunch Deluxe newsletters; writing items and clipping links for the Automat; special projects like the Buzz Book Reviews we did for BEA last year; and a lot more that will emerge over the course of the next few months. I’ve said repeatedly that the publishing industry has only become a 24/7 industry in the last year or so, and there’s no better place to be covering every development - both breaking and with a longer, analytical view - than PM/PL. And working with Emily Williams should be pretty damn awesome.

I’ll still freelance - my LAT and Currency columns will continue, I’ll show up at DailyFinance every now and then, I will happily write for outlets based in my home country, and weirdly, the last couple of weeks have presented me with more one-off work opportunities from very exciting venues - but the whole hamster wheel aspect of chasing gigs can, I hope, be tempered, since I’d rather devote the extra earmarked time to fiction (A number of people are going to hold me to that fire if I don’t, and I thank them all in advance.)

Now, what of Confessions? Let’s just say the seven-year-itch manifested itself and it’s on permanent hiatus (anything I post there in the future originated here.) I’m not quite ready to declare this space my permanent blog home, since the frequency will be occasional, if best (and Tumblr goes down too often for my liking) but the domain is in desperate, long-overdue need of an overhaul. It’s not high on the priority list, but it will happen, someday, to look less bloggy and more like a professional website. And there’s always Twitter, of course.

Exciting times, to be sure. Thanks to all of you for jumping on or staying on this crazy ride.

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