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Summertime Happenings

So far it’s been and will remain a very busy summer, between the day job, putting together the anthology by early fall deadline, and a couple of other projects I can’t yet talk about, but a few notes on what I’ve written and will be doing over the next few weeks:

- My newest Crimewave column for the National Post ran over the weekend, featuring reviews of new titles by Sean Chercover, Deryn Collier, and John Lawrence Reynolds (I’d recommend Sean’s book the most of the three.)

- The “if you love GONE GIRL here’s what to read next” post proved so popular last month that Salon asked if they could reprint it, which they have, with some tweaking and updates — reflecting that I’ve since read the two Margaret Millar novels I mentioned in tandem with BEAST IN VIEW, and remembered to include another must-read female writer, Sara Gran, whom I’d neglected in the first draft!

- on Thursday, July 19 at 7 PM, I’ll be reading from my short story “Past President” in LONG ISLAND NOIR at KGB Bar along with Tim McLoughlin, Sheila Kohler, and editor/fabulous field marshal Kaylie Jones.

- And I’ll be in conversation with newly ensconced Brooklyn writer Katie Kitamura at WORD on August 7 to talk about her new novel GONE TO THE FOREST, which is amazing and you should all read it when it’s published in a couple of weeks’ time.

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