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List of Literary Types With Verified Twitter Accounts

The one sop to my vanity I’m allowing myself is that my Twitter account got verified last Friday and I think it’s awesome, if also strange. But anyway, it got me curious how many other lit types and authors have verified accounts so herewith, a running tally, nowhere near close to comprehensive:


Margaret Atwood
Jenny Lawson
Juan Gomez Jurado
William Gibson
Warren Ellis
Stephen Fry
Neil Gaiman
JK Rowling
Rebecca Skloot
Nicholas Kristof
Susan Orlean
Carl Zimmer
Hari Kunzru
Salman Rushdie
Louise Mensch
Jodi Picoult
Colson Whitehead
Patricia Castaneda
Chuck Palahniuk
Bret Easton Ellis
David Carr
Alain de Botton
Robin Sloan
Jennifer 8 Lee
Steven Johnson
Ree Drummond
Amber Benson
Maureen Johnson
Sarah Dessen
Mat Johnson
John Green
Richelle Mead
Norton Juster
Judy Blume
Christopher Paolini
Kirby Larson
Cassandra Clare
Terry Pratchett
Scott McCloud
India Knight
Bryan Lee O’Malley
Jon Ronson
Richard Nash
Jane Friedman
Maud Newton
Electric Literature
New York Review of Books
Publishers Weekly
The Bookseller
The Paris Review

I deliberately left out actual publishers, but may add that in later.

So far the list is really quirky. Sarah Dessen and Kirby Larson are verified but Meg Cabot isn’t? Caitlin Moran, with more than 260,000 followers, isn’t verified but India Knight is? Teju Cole and Cory Doctorow remain unverified, as does Jennifer Weiner? Weird. But mostly this list-making shows, once more, the importance of the book world in relation to much larger, more lucrative cultural channels.

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