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An Unofficial List of Authors With Work Optioned or Greenlit by HBO For Something In 2011

I am far too lazy to concoct a slideshow but I hereby grant some enterprising for-profit (or better, not-for-profit!*) website to do just that. Without further ado:

1. Sara Gran, adaptation of her 2006 novel DOPE

2. Tom Perrotta, adaptation of his forthcoming novel THE LEFTOVERS

3. Michael Chabon & Ayelet Waldman, HOBGOBLIN, original series concept

4. Chad Harbach, adaptation of his forthcoming noVEL THE ART OF FIELDING with Scott Rudin to exec produce

5. Carl Hiaasen, adaptation of his novel SKINNY DIP

6. Neil Gaiman, adaptation of his 2001 novel AMERICAN GODS

7. Sam Lipsyte, untitled comedy, original series concept

8. Jennifer Egan, adaptation of her 2010 novel A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD

9. John Heilmann & Mark Halperin, adaptation of their 2010 book GAME CHANGE (this is filming, or just wrapped)

10. Hmm. Well, TOO BIG TO FAIL by Andrew Ross Sorkin aired on May 23, and obviously GAME OF THRONES (GRRM) and TRUE BLOOD (Charlaine Harris) are airing/have aired, but still. Not new. Slideshow has been defeated! Aha, I have it! Gary Shteyngart is “working on an original pilot” for the network! Slideshow prevails!

*or actually best, pay me to do it. But I am a realist.

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